Watch the sails turning on windy days when we may be milling and zoom in on the action!

Live Webcam and Live Data

Our Live Webcam gives you the chance to see what’s going on at the mill in real time, and using your mobile device you can wave to yourself while you are there!  Or maybe let your friends and family know when you are there so that they can get in on the action too!

For several years we have been participating in an exciting high tech project with a group called ‘Smartmolen‘. Smartmolen are developing a system monitoring the wind speed and direction that windmills are exposed to.  Currently, Smartmolen are monitoring twelve windmills. Eleven of these are in England and there are four in Germany too.  Why not take a look at the fascinating data being captured live by clicking here?  So. get your geek on and check out the data from other windmills and compare it to ours!

Live Webcam Monitored Windmills

On Saturday 13th November 2021, Smartmolen’s project entry was judged for an award by the The British Association of Friends of Museums, BAFM. BAFM encourages, informs and advises friends, supporters and volunteers of museums, galleries, and other cultural organisations in all sections of our UK heritage.

Smartmolen were the proud winners of the BAFM Impact Award 2021! The award recognised the quality, innovation and impact of their digital telemetry project which they’ve developed. It’s an educational and general interest resource to help everyone understand how windmill caps and sails turn in different wind conditions. Excitingly, it allows everyone to connect to the windmills live from their own home! The Live Webcam system helps us monitor the mill so that we can intervene if needed to reduce the likelihood of damage in severe weather. Wilton Windmill Society are honoured to have been involved since the very early stages of this project.