Our Wilton Windmill brochure has four great puzzles for kids. Check the answers here, to see if you got them all right!

Mouse Hunt – hidden around the Windmill are coloured mice. There are two on each of the five floors, from the Dust Cap down to the Ground Floor. Find them all – and this picture shows you where they are – in case one or two escape you. If you can find them all, you can win a mouse badge – collect it from the Shepherd’s Hut. Mouse Hunt

Four Letter Word Game Taking the key words WIND MILL and STONE, how many four letter words can you create? At least 224 exist – how good is your vocabulary? Four Letter Word Game

Windmill Word Search Create 15 different windmill terms from the grid. Windmill Wordsearch

Mr Mouse’s Maze Game Can you find the route that Mr Mouse takes to get into the Windmill? He’s so hungry to eat some corn! Mr Mouses Maze Game