Sails Back On – At Last!

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  Yesterday, March 15, we finally got our sails back. The day started with thick mist, but gradually the sun burned it off, and we had a perfect sunny day – and virtually wind less. There was an early hiatus, … Read More

Sails Coming Back On

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After 7 long months, Wilton Windmill’s sails are about to be put back on. They have been completely renovated by our millwrights, Owlsworth IJP – the first full overhaul since the Windmill was restored in the 1970s. Weather permitting, the … Read More

Sails at the Millwrights

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Following the removal of the sails in August, they’ve gone to our millwrights at Mapledurham (nr. Reading) to be totally renovated.There were four sets of sails in their yard and all of them in much worse condition than ours.  A … Read More

Windmill Sails Restoration

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After 40 years exposed to the elements, our sails have been removed for restoration. On Monday August 8th our millwrights Owlsworth IJP started loosening the bolts and preparing the sails for removal. They returned on the Tuesday at 6.00 am … Read More